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Steps to Successful Window Installation

There are several steps to successful window installation. First, shims should be placed at the bottom and top of the frame. If you have an older wooden window, you may need to leave the parting stop on the opposite side. Also, you should make sure the jambs are properly sealed. Using proper sealant can save you hundreds of dollars every year. Next, the installer will remove the old windows. It is important to remember to discard the old windows after installation.

To measure your window, you will need to open the lower sash. You should also measure the height and width of the new window frame. Be sure to measure the diagonal corners to ensure that the frames fit correctly. If you are installing an old window, you may need to place shims in these areas to align the sashes. To determine the exact measurements, take measurements of the existing window's height and width. The smallest measurement will be the best size to use for the new windows.

When it comes to measuring your window frame, start by opening the lower sash.

This will help you determine the width and height of the window frame. You should use the smallest measurement to order the new windows. Be sure to measure the space for the weep holes. If you have any unsightly nailing holes, repair them with wood putty and paint the trim. If you are installing a new window in a room, be sure to measure all interior trim as well.

The Basics of Window Installation

Professional window installation is an essential part of transforming your home. The process begins with the contractors inspecting your windows and taking measurements that will help determine the best way to install them. These measurements include the width of the bottom, height on each side and height in the center. Then, the contractor will use these measurements to fit the window. They will make any necessary adjustments to ensure a perfect fit. Then, the installer will seal and paint the window, ensuring that it matches your house's exterior and interior decor.

A professional window installer will be able to complete a 20-point checklist before beginning the installation. In addition to making sure the window unit is properly installed, the professionals will lay down a drop cloth to protect the walls and your home from debris. They will also use quality tools and materials to guarantee that the finished product meets all your expectations. The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) also runs a training program called InstallationMasters. This program guarantees a quality installation and that the window installer has undergone the necessary training and passed a test to be a member.

The next step is to apply the shims. These shims should be placed about four inches from the top and bottom of the window. If there is no space between the two, then the top and bottom of the window may need to be pushed inward. Then, attach the shims. Some windows have dedicated holes for the jambs, and if so, insert the shims in these holes. You might need to nudge the jambs a bit with an Air Shim bag to make sure they are seated correctly.
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